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They quickly wrote off their first motor-bicycle as a valuable learning experiment.Work immediately began on a new and improved second-generation machine.In February 1907 a prototype model with a 45-degree V-Twin engine was displayed at the Chicago Automobile Show.Although shown and advertised, very few V-Twin models were built between 19.This first "real" Harley-Davidson motorcycle had a bigger engine of 24.74 cubic inches (405 cc³) with 9.75 inches (25 cm) flywheels weighing 28 lb (13 kg).

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Noted for a style of customization that gave rise to the chopper motorcycle style, Harley-Davidson traditionally marketed heavyweight, air-cooled cruiser motorcycles with engine displacements greater than 700 cm³ and has broadened its offerings to include its more contemporary VRSC (2002) and middle-weight Street (2015) platforms.These first V-Twins displaced 53.68 cubic inches (880 cm³) and produced about 7 horsepower (5.2 k W).This gave about double the power of the first singles. Production jumped from 450 motorcycles in 1908 to 1,149 machines in 1909.By April, complete motorcycles were in production on a very limited basis.That year, the first Harley-Davidson dealer, Carl H.

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