109th congress mandating local law enforcement enforce immigration

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The designated local officer is subject to the "direction and supervision of the AG" while performing the immigration enforcement function and, if the written agreement so specifies, may use federal property and facilities to accomplish that function.While Section 287(g) emphasizes that the designated officer is not a federal employee, agreements created under this section may grant local officers all of the powers exercised by federal immigration officers and provide that the designated local officers will enjoy federal immunity.However, the local officers must carry out their immigration functions at the expense of the state or local government.

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Local police departments have always had the ability to collaborate with the INS in enforcement operations. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced the conclusion of that OLC opinion in June 2002.Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) to develop: (1) a comprehensive land and maritime border surveillance plan; (2) a National Strategy for Border Security; and (3) a southern border study.Directs the Secretary of State to: (1) report to Congress on improving the exchange of North American security information; (2) work with Canada and Mexico to assist Guatemala and Belize in border security activities; and (3) work with appropriate countries to share information and track Central American gang members.A state or local government can agree with the AG to authorize its law enforcement officers to enforce the INA's civil and/or criminal provisions without dedicating those officers to full-time immigration enforcement.Section 287(g) clearly contemplates that multiple officers could be authorized to perform one or more immigration enforcement functions.

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