19 year old dating a 14 year old

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Weve been together 3 years now and have a beautiful son together, Please dont assume the worst from this boy as Im sure he doesnt have any bad intentions Sent from my GT-I9505 using Netmums mobile app Sent from my GT-I9505 using Netmums mobile app I had a 19 year old bf when I was 15, too.

He was a complete gentleman and never tried anything on and continued to be there for me long after we broke up (watched out for when other, less well intentioned boys of my age were up to no good! I know I was lucky to find that but try not to jump to worrying conclusions.

Perhaps it is all just bravado, but I love my SD very much and so i'm very worried for her. Ok, We don't know the circumstances, what your daughter is like, or what he is like. And i think i may have just about made my daddy proud x My oh when i met him didn't work and 'did' everything. If he's a normal 19 year old and seems decent, i'd be happy for them :/ I understand this is probably ringing alarm bells but how about meeting him? He was 19/20 my mum gave me the talk because banning me would have only made it worse.... Unfortunately there's not anything you can do about it.....

What does her mother say (I assume that's where she lives? Xx I think he needs to calmly explain his worries and the boyfriend coming round to meet the 2 of you is a good idea so you can see what kind of guy he seems to be. I feel a little better now - I wrote this thread in a heightened state of panic!

15 is an age where a girl can be quite mature and perhaps feels on a par with a 19 year old rather than boys her own age.

I will say though that going in guns blazing won't achieve anything.

We are really not happy with it and my partner says he is going to speak to her tonight. She is only just 15, a well behaved girl but easily led - she tried smoking and drinking when she fell in with a more adventurous friend and stopped when they fell out (thankfully). My mum didnt react, she let me go on dates but I had curfews.

I am obviously worried about what a 19 year old boy wants a 15 year old (fairly immature) girlfriend for!! I have no way of implementing threats etc as she doesn't live with us, visits fri - sun very other weekend. Then when I was 16 I stayed over his house every other Friday night at his parents house, he wasnt allowed to stay at mine.

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