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A phone number has been exchanged at one time, maybe even a photograph he sent her of himself! that cyber flirting is no different than going to a strip bar with buddies. And who knows what he/she has told that other person.

He's not gay, not seeing anyone else, has no medical/emotional problems..I am still attractive and interesting.

:-( Jeane I have a partner of 4 years whom i have caught doing this twice. It's rare that this can mean nothing because the physical satisfaction cannot be achieved quite the way it can be through the actual act. Now it seems she NEVER called the guy she confessed to calling but DID call 4 other guys 14 times. I'm glad I found this site, I'm glad I searched google while the guilt was still kicking my gut hard. Wow...it's been awhile since I last visited here, but I'm very happy I came back to look in.

Ihave never forgiven him and he broke down and swore to me that he wouldnt do it again but i have just found another msm saucy name on his computer and loads of downloaded porn. Yes totally it is cheating or I wouldn't feel like swallowing a bottle of pills right now. While I am truly sympathetic with all of you, it feels good to not be alone in this row boat. I have since broken up with the culprit and my life seems to be on an even tilt for now.

You find webcam recordings hidden on the mother board of his computer. It isn't just men who do this -- it takes two to tango.

You detect secret flirtatious conversations with distant women who he will most likely never meet in person. It's written from a female perspective, that's true, but what about the poor boyfriend over there in the Philippines sound asleep while honey ko is sneaking out to the internet cafe, or the Russian guy who has no idea that his girlfriend's sudden extra cash is coming from cyber suitors and Western Union? If you went out to dinner with someone else who had romantic intentions, you may not end up in bed, but it's still being unfaithful.

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