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Over the course of more than forty years, they analyzed and explained the secrets of orgasm, emotional fulfillment, and sexual dysfunction.

But they divorced after twenty years amid a clash of success, betrayal, and jealousies.

What's wrong with a married couple watching porn together? Before we even get into discussing whether something is right or wrong in the bedroom, I want to emphasize that God's desire is for you and your husband to experience great pleasure!

There is nothing spiritual or moral about limiting sexual pleasure in marriage.

As a bonus, Thomas Maier is a very fine writer, an accomplished biographer, and an astute reporter.

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Johnson 224 Never Going Home 305 A Wonder to Behold 396 The Fertility Expert 477 The Good Wife 578 Academic Freedom 669 Through the Peephole 76Phase 210 The Matrix 8711 The Experiment 9512 Volunteers 10313 Noah 11614 Masks 12115 Leaving School 13416 A Matter of Trust 14117 Revealing Secrets 15018 The Human Response 156Phase 319 The Excitement of Release 17120 Focusing Feelings 17621 Sexual Healing 18522 Surrogates 19623 Playboys and Patrons 20324 Repairing the Conjugal Bed 21125 The Scent of Love 21826 Betrayals 22527 The Marriage Compact 231Phase 428 Feminist Movement 24129 The Business of Sex 25230 The Pleasure Bond 26031 Guide to the Stars 27032 Conversion and Reversion 28133 The Promise of a Future 29934 Beauty and the Beast 30735 Crisis 31936 Breakup 33137 For the Roses 33938 Couples 34539 In Memoriam 35440 Forget-Me-Nots 367A Note on Sources 377Notes 379Selected Bibliography 391About the Author 397Index 399 "A well-written and insightful account of Masters and Johnson, who, in a clinical sense, probably knew more about sex and marital love than any other couple in America"--(Gay Talese, author of Thy Neighbor's Wife and A Writer's Life) "The subject of this book-sex and love-should interest just about everyone.Weaving interviews with the notoriously private William Masters and the ambitious Virginia Johnson, Maier offers a titillating portrait of the legendary couple.Entertaining, revealing, and beautifully told, this groundbreaking book sheds light on the eternal mysteries of desire and intimacy, and their complicated roles in the American psyche.Thomas Maier is the author of The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings, which was adapted for Warner Home Video DVD, and the critically acclaimed Dr.Spock, which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year in 1999. He lives in Long Island, New Thomas Maier is the author of The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings, which was adapted for Warner Home Video DVD, and the critically acclaimed Dr.

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    Coffey and Golden are probably most savage when Khan makes these outright mistakes, but I think the true fuel of their satire is their broader critique of Khan's approach.

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