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Our Prime Minister is a very visionary person, one that is committed to giving back to our community.

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For its part UDP brought in the Prime Minister of Belize Honorable Dean Barrow who was greeted by a large crowd of supporters who had assembled at Maya Island Air.

Then look again and ask where has all that beautiful sand gone to?

Jennys Super Store has been replaced to a four story commercial building and the historic Blake House has been replaced by Heritage Bank.

This gives you access to the internet and all the useful knowledge that the internet can provide. UDP and PUP host Pre-election rallies The two major political parties on the island, The United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Peoples United Party (PUP) both held separate pre-election rallies over the weekend.

The UDP held their rally on the night of Saturday February 28th, while the PUP held theirs during the day on Sunday March 1st.

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