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When Dogstar broke up, Reeves and Mailhouse joined a new band called Becky with, you guessed it, Rebecca Lord on lead vocals.

You know a band must not be great if they can't capitalize on the fact that they have a major movie star for a bass player, but Becky did have limited success singing the theme song for the kid's show "Jojo's Circus." Ruthie Alcaide - "The Real World: Hawaii" (1999) Ruthie was the biggest hot mess in "Real World" history, constantly being dragged out of some Hawaiian bar in a drunken stupor, yet somehow you couldn't help but root for her.

But Rachel came to her senses in the ways of love and married "RW: Boston" alum Sean Duffy (now the District Attorney of Ashland County, Wisconsin).

Rachel was in the running twice to be a cohost on "The View" (she lost out to Lisa Ling and Elisabeth Hasselbeck) but never made the cut.

Norman Korpi - "The Real World: New York" (1992) Not since Lance Loud on "An American Family" had a reality star been openly gay.

Norm was a trailblazer for all the Pedro Zamoras and Dan Renzis to follow.

by funnywebpark | AM in Amazing, American Idol, Entertainment, Information, Interesting, Real World, Real World Where Are They Now, reality show, The Big Brother, TV stars, Unique, Where Are They Now We don't drink. Eric Nies - "The Real World: New York" (1992) Eric Nies was the egocentric model and breakout star of Season One: "The Real World: New York." The Jersey boy spun his reality-show fame into MTV superstardom when he became host of the network's version of "American Bandstand," called "The Grind." Bare-chested workout videos, the "Abaratus" (an elastic band that attaches to a door knob to build strong abs), and his own wellness philosophy, "Chi-Force," followed.

And we're not talking about your fad reality shows, like "Tool Academy" or "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." We're talking about the hard-core, old school, relentless mother-of-all-reality dramas: MTV's "The Real World." That said, we have to admit we just haven't been getting the same buzz off the show in the last few years. As the latest season comes to a close, we decided to see what our favorite "Real World" cast members from past years are doing now.

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Six years after leaving the house, Judd put on a gorilla suit, proposed to Pam, and she actually said yes. Both continue to pay tribute to their former roommate Pedro, who died of AIDS in 1994.Pam is a doctor who specializes in HIV and AIDS research, and Judd lectures on AIDS and is a successful writer and illustrator who created the award-winning graphic novel "Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned." Jacinda Barrett - "The Real World: London" (1995) "The Real World: London" was, without a doubt, the most boring season of "The Real World" ever (except when the punk dude, Neil, got his tongue bit off). Well, Jacinda Barrett is the only "Real World" star who has gone on to have a legitimate acting career.Sure, lots of alumni continue to appear in MTV reality shows, and some have even gone so far as to make a bad horror movie or two (anyone see "The Scorned"?Since leaving the New York loft, Norm has worked in commercial and production design (including a stint for the Academy Awards).He also founded the production company "Fruit Films," for which he codirected the mockumentary "The Wedding Video." The film was a behind-the-scenes look as Norm prepared for his wedding to Sky (played by actor Brien Perry).

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