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​Waterloo Regional Police acknowledge there was an incident involving three topless female cyclists and a police officer, but they wouldn't discuss the incident in detail.

The sisters, Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed (also known as recording artist Alysha Brilla), said they will file a formal complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director over the incident.

Join us in our digital studio where we will work on our own computer animated blockbuster films!

Develop a story, write the script, and engage your audience.

With CEREC there is no longer a need to wait 2 weeks to get your permanent crowns.

No messy impressions and no temporary crowns either.

Morrison says many women still fear being harassed, so opt to remain covered.

"We very much have a culture of policing what girls and women can and cannot do with their bodies in public spaces, in order to be deemed blameless or appropriately feminine," she said.

Fall Special Extend Your Golf Season With a Warm Golf Cart Enclosure. Hey everyone, Get ready for the NFL playoffs with this mug! It's in the original package and has not been used.

When you purchase Gifts of Light on behalf of your friends and family, you help people in crisis on their journey to recovery. CAMH has begun the next phase of our Queen Street Redevelopment Project.

Two much-needed new hospital buildings with 235 beds for people with acute and complex mental illness will be built along Queen Street West.

When respondents were asked which things they notice first in a person’s smile, among common answers were straightness, cleanliness, and whiteness of teeth.

Having straight teeth is more than improving your smile.

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