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Next UP NEXT Minimum Wage Around the World: Where Does the US Rank?

Next Alaska: No trip to Alaska would be complete without visiting Denali — at 20,310 feet, it's the highest peak in North America. Take a bus tour to delve deeper into the wilderness (.50 and up).

Arizona: Heralded as one of the wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon is nothing less than breathtaking.

Take a boat tour among the Thimble Islands, hop a ferry (.50 each way) or paddle a kayak from the community of Stony Creek.

Outer Island is a publicly-accessible wildlife refuge.

Alabama: Imagine how people lived more than 10,000 years ago at Russell Cave National Monument in Bridgeport, Ala., along the state's northern border.

The cave is one of the oldest known prehistoric settlements in the United States.

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