Adult sex chat operator jobs

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Most people are confused with exactly what text chat is and why would anyone do it.

Well text chat is exacly what it implies; chatting by way of text.

Remember that rota is where you will be required to work a set schedule and non-rota means that you can work whenever you want.

Here are a few companies that hires newbies and a few resources as well. Note: They have not updated their application which states a bilingual position only, so just select the box where it says Bilingual Text Chat, and then select English under the Languages section if you are not bilingual.

Your real identity and phone number is never disclosed.

You don’t need any experience to enquire about working on the chat-line, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to talk you through the process and help decide if it’s right for you.There’s also networks out there that facilitate the connection, payment processing and all other aspects.All you have to do is read and respond to messages. All the networks for phone sex use 3rd party services to deliver the messages.‘Sexting’ is flirting and having virtual sex over text messages.There are plenty of single people out there looking to have interactions with you over the phone.

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