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It was meltdown city but at 7 and 5 years old they were definitely able to grasp the concept of consequences.

Needless to say, they were much better behaved after that and were able to go the next day with much corrected attitudes.” – Carinn “Just last night, I cancelled my 8 year-old’s birthday sleepover.

When my four year-old exclaimed once again that the ball was HIS and he would NOT be sharing it, I pulled the car over, walked back to his door, peeled the ball out of his hand and threw it as hard as I could into a nearby yard.

I got back into the car without a word and kept driving.

I tend to stick to small livable punishments like “no dessert” or taking away Mazzy’s American Girl Doll for a night, which they seem to be pretty devastated by…

But then sometimes I think, maybe if I actually hauled them out of a restaurant in the middle of the meal one time, they’d be a lot better behaved in restaurants now?

I haven’t had to yell at her over it since.” – Melissa “During a hitting phase at age 3, I made a rule that if my daughter hit anyone, we would leave immediately.

(And yes, the birthday party was at a mansion and over the top. I just lay on my bed crying because I could hear my brother running around downstairs playing with all his new toys. I’m a wimp when it comes to doling out punishments.I don’t want to take away the big moments, like the sleepovers or the the birthday parties, and I don’t want to threaten anything that might ruin my day too.I could still do anything I wanted, as long as I was home every night to do the dishes.” – Justine “I was tired of having to yell at my daughter to get ready for school.One day, after several warnings, I made her go downstairs (a bit early, but she didn’t realize it), put on her shoes and jacket while she was still in her pajamas.

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