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Ace Operator can be deployed in a hosting environment as a revenue generating application for ASP/ISP and web hosting companies.Ace Operator runs on any Java-enabled computer and is supported on Linux and Windows operating systems.This is ideal when users want to "sketch" concepts for one another.Users can interact publicly with everyone else on the server, or they can chat/draw privately using java Chat's "whisper mode".Its main features are: * Fully customizable layout (including the messages sent by users and the server) * Authentication by module (SQL-authentication or no-authentication implemented) * Authorization-framework (Who may use which command) * Networking is done with the new none-blocking-IO-Classes of Java Chat Everywhere gives you the possibility to easily put a real-time discussion forum on your website.It allows extended (Irc-like) commands, several levels of hierarchy and an easy to modify configuration file.It is important to understand the terms client/server because the INTRANET CHATTTING project is supported completely by client/server model.A server is anything that has some resource that can be shared.

The term client/server is used in the context of networking, what it actually means.There are compute servers, which provide computing power, web servers, which store web pages.A client is simply any other entity that wants to gain access to a particular server.The interaction between client\server is like an interaction between an electrical socket and a lamp.The server is a permanently available resource while client is free to “unplug” after it has been served.

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