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The Italians were soundly defeated in the battle of Adwa in 1896.

The first of its kind in black Africa for a modern colonial power to be defeated by a poorly armed, but determined, and ill-trained peasant army.

Its monasteries became centers for learning, translating Greek and Hebrew books, including the Bible in the fifth century.

By the end of the sixth century Islam was introduced to the kingdom Axom in Tigrai.

The Axumite heritage is still important in Tigrai today.

The oblisks from this era are still standing in Axum today.

Today not only Tigraians, and Ethiopians but all Africans feel tremendous pride from the defeat of the Italians by an African nation.

In terms of religion 95.5% of the population are Orthodox Christians, 4.1% and 0.4% are Muslims and Catholics respectively.Tigrinya has been suppressed in Ethiopia until the country changed rulers in 1991.The Tigraians were not allowed to use their language in their local school system or judicial system prior to 1991.Excluding Mekelle town, the state capital, there are five administrative zones: comprising a total of 47 weredas (districts) and 673 tabias (sub-districts).Mekelle Tigraian capital city The capital city of the State of Tigrai is Mekele.

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