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SALON is pleased to announce its third exhibition which is dedicated to Alexander Calder's late gouaches on paper, created between 19, staged in collaboration with Omer Tiroche Gallery, London.

A collection of earlier works on paper by Calder dating from 1939 - 1959, will be simultaneously displayed at Omer Tiroche Gallery in Mayfair, London.

The Commission also confirmed that when Tokwiro acquired UB, it was only provided with source code history dating back to November 29, 2005.

The source code history of the Ultimate Bet poker software showed that the illicit code was not modified after November 29, 2005.

As mentioned in my prior post on the Ultimate Bet recordings, on the main three-hour recording, Russ Hamilton calmly states, ""Annie Duke used it [God-mode cheating software] on a fifteen minute delay quite a few times." On a second, somewhat shorter recording also released yesterday, poker media guru Kevin "Kevmath" Mathers reports that Hamilton stated Duke used the God-mode cheating software on a five minute delay.

Certainly Duke has been accused of improperly looking at opponents' hole cards in live play (albeit by her nemesis, Daniel Negreanu), but this accusation of online cheating was completely new.

One other possible way to reconcile the real-time operation of the "Audit Monster2" account and Hamilton's comments about Duke using it on a time delay would be to surmise that there was a similar program used to monitor play in near-real-time for legitimate audit and security purposes.

If such a program existed, an unscrupulous player might use it to gain access to hole card information to which they were not otherwise entitled, which undoubtedly would give them an improper edge over their opponents, and would be the type of cheating that should disqualify a player from online poker sites, much like multi-accounting, ghosting, chip dumping, and collusion have disqualified other players.

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While this would be a legitimate use of such a technology, it doesn't square with Hamilton's statements which implied Duke used the God-Mode software during her own play.Attempts to obtain source code historical records from prior to November 29, 2005 from the original developers were unsuccessful.ANATOMY OF THE CHEATING The following is an overview of the methodologies used to perpetrate the cheating incidences, based on the information the Commission obtained during the course of its investigations: .... To perpetrate the cheating, one or more individuals logged into the UB client software using an account that accessed the illicit software.The cheat code appeared to reveal opponent's hole cards in real time as a hand was being played.I suppose one could have recorded a table using the cheat client and made the recording available to someone on a delay, but that seems like quite a bit of effort and at the very least, someone doing so would be quite aware the ability to cheat existed and chose not to come forward/be complicit in keeping the cheat ability secret for their own gain." INITIAL INVESTIGATION ….

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