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Antonio Cromartie, with a financial assist from the Jets, avoided a court date next week in San Diego by paying off past-due child-support obligations to one of the mothers of his seven children, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.The ex-Charger, who has seven children by six women in five different states, owed between ,000 and ,000, his attorney told the newspaper.J., she said, but he’s absentee once the Jet football season kicks off. She wrote a memoir, “Love, Intercepted,” telling how Cromartie wooed her, then canceled their wedding a week before the event and dumped her six months pregnant.Soon after, she learned Cromartie wed Terricka Cason, a model with a child from a prior relationship.“He’s supposedly a role model, but he’s not doing what he should be doing as a father, or as a man,” said mom Rosemita Pierre, of Tallahassee, Fla.Cromartie defies a court order that allows her to speak with her son three times a week, she charged.Cromartie, 33, has now had three children since having a vasectomy.

“That chapter for me has completely closed — talking about Antonio, thinking about Antonio, even caring what’s going on in his personal life,” she said. We reach out to share news about the kids, to talk, to vent,” she said. It’s about our children.” Cromartie — who signed a four-year, million contract last fall — pays more than ,500 a month to each baby mama, except Pierre.As for Cromartie, she said, “We co-exist for the sake of my son.” Cromartie visits LA several months a year and spends time with T. He was sacked as a womanizer and cad by Rhonda Patterson, a corporate lawyer and ex-Miss Black North Carolina.Most of the moms want to do the show, but “Cro” says no.The baby mamas he left behind have banded together so their kids can bond with their brothers and sisters in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey.

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