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It is only when he contemplates Perceval Press's jammed-up assembly line that his voice, a shy, exhausted mumble at the moment, dials up a notch. Because of this movie, there are four books that my press didn't put out this fall.

Which is not a big deal, but—." He sighs and his whole body seems to deflate as he considers the debut artists and authors he's let down.

The Russian underworld types he found to school him in their ways finally relaxed "once they realized I wasn't going to make fun of them," he says. "We kind of worried he'd never come back and we'd never find out what happened to him, until we'd probably find him running the country eventually," says Cronenberg, who insists Mortensen "takes the best out of Method and leaves the bullshit behind." As Aragorn, a caped crusader in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, he supposedly slept for weeks in his medieval getup.

Cronenberg suggests this had less to do with any Methodmania (as was conjectured) than it was an attempt to render the costume less obviously a costume.

Like the father in “The Road,” Viggo has an outdoorsman's self-sufficiency.

"I'd like to learn more about how to fix engines," he says.

"Sort of like a lethal butler" is how Mortensen sees his character, Everett Hitch. A father and his only son wander the earth as hobos, survivalists trying to avoid a macabre fate as a feast for any of several roving bands of cannibals, Mortensen is saying, revving for book talk just as his tomato-and-mozzarella salad arrives, which he'll eat Indian-style on the hard wood floor.On the set of “Eastern Promises,” Mortensen had wanted to wear Nikolai's shoes around, break them in so they'd look right. ‘The Undertaker’ and ‘The Soviet Bloc’Nikolai's charming nickname is "The Undertaker." Around the set, his squared-off Dracula pompadour acquired a nickname, too: "The Soviet Bloc." In shooting the now classic naked knife fight in a public bathhouse, Mortensen says he could only hope everyone would heed the exquisitely timed choreography.Not for a moment did he fear for his groin, he insists.But you won't hear Hitch saying ain't like the rest of them: He's a West Point man — though without a doubt, the black sheep of the family. He's also bagged the lead in the screen adaptation of Cormac Mc Carthy's “The Road,” which director John Hillcoat, a newcomer from Australia, starts shooting this fall. "Hopefully it won't totally depress people," he adds. Food in the belly, he stretches out on the ground as if on some psychiatrist's chaise, his wool cap tucked under his head, eyes annealed to some comfortable middle distance."Now we just have to find a great kid," Mortensen says, referring to his putative costar, the boy who will play his boy, as imagined by the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist. He didn't know Mc Carthy actually lives in Santa Fe. Arms remain folded across the chest, but answers miraculously turn essay length.

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