Aspxgridview rowupdating not firing

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Once we have a reference to the Text Box, we set the new first name.

For the Template Field, we do know the ID of the control since we specified it in the markup, so we obtain a reference to it by calling Find Control on the appropriate row of the Grid View.

I am not getting any error, the page returns with the original values. Hope that helps, marloutor I also had a problem with a Grid View that was not updating. Newvalues Dictionary in the Grid View's Row Updating event showed that the old values for the record were being sent to the database UPDATE query.

I was thinking that if your gridview is rebound then the updated data would be displayed.

The required actions for paging to work are setting the new page index, setting the Data Source, and calling Data Bind (the last two through the Bind Data method).

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The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Sorting which wasn't handled.In this example, we’ll go through a fully featured Grid View with editing, deleting, selecting, sorting, and paging functionality that is manually bound and identify the limitations and some of the workarounds. Sql Data Source, Object Data Source, Linq Data Source, etc) specified in a Data Source ID, the Grid View can automate many functions because, through the data source control, the Grid View on its own can perform the following operations: When you manually bind data to a Grid View, the Grid View itself cannot perform these operations, so they must be implemented in your code.The Grid View does know the events that should be used to implement them, so the exceptions shown above are thrown when you try to perform one of these operations, but you have implemented the appropriate event handler.We’ll revisit this method when we implement the sorting functionality.We also need force databinding to occur when then page is loaded, which we’ll handle in Page_Load.

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