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But her mother is powerful, politically ambitious and has a reputation for being extremely vindictive...

"I know that public scrutiny will simplify this matter and act as a check against anyone's need to be overly vindictive, aggressive or malicious, not that Bristol would ever be that way, nor that I would.

She said: "As a young girl, I had always dreamed about going on a date like the first date I shared with Robb.

"Somehow, he instinctively knew what that was and went to great lengths to surprise me with the most romantic night ever.

She is extremely close with her parents [Lynne and Mark], brother [Marky] and sister and they are all supporting her.

The news comes after Bohan, 35, reportedly broke a restraining order which Audrina filed on Monday after he allegedly pushed her while she held Kirra.

Justin Bieber laced up his cleats, popped off his shirt, and got really pumped up while playing soccer with his bros.

The Biebs hit up UCLA's campus Tuesday afternoon for a pickup game on one of the soccer fields, and at one point was standing at full attention calling out a play.

Citing court documents, the gossip site claims Bohan broke the restraining order Tuesday when he appeared at her home to install five video cameras.

When Patridge asked him to leave, he reportedly called her a "f--king c--t." ‘The Hills’ alum Audrina Patridge marries BMX rider Corey Bohan Bohan also allegedly accused the reality star of being "f--ked up" because of her childhood.

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