Autism and single parenting and dating

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I met his kids and we spoke about my kids, but I never mentioned autism.

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She’s a career woman, has a “type-A” personality, never been married, no children, clearly high maintenance. I can tell we’re done—the conversation that follows is feigned interest at best.“I decided to tell him about the autism and watch him run for the hills—and that’s exactly what happened! In my mind, I wanted to let someone get to know me a little better, to see if there’s chemistry on which to base a relationship on.” While that’s a humorous anecdote that turns a “con” into a “pro,” in the end the decision whether to take this approach depends on your honest assessment of what it is you want in a relationship. This time, I’m determined to see if I can establish a chemistry with the beautiful brunette sitting across from me. Angel: “Erik, long-term success only comes through mutual trust … If she can see me as a happy, well-adjusted guy with whom she enjoys keeping company, then maybe the revelation about my daughter’s autism won’t be so jarring.Colleen, a mother from Illinois, told me, “If they want to talk to me again, that’s their choice.It removes so much pressure and stress to just put it out there immediately, before the decision to ask you out is made.

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