Before updating to lion

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There's a fresh, new look along with potentially longer battery life.And along with new features such as i Books, some stalwarts like Safari, Maps and Calendar all get some snazzy improvements.Be sure you export your data before removing a POP account.If the messages are no longer on the server or you do not have a backup of your Mail folder, you would loose the Inbox messages. If you used Emailchemy select the bottom option: Files in mbox format Using either option you will find your folders under Import folder. You can move out of Import folder by dragging to the “On My Mac” header.One tip for people who have some of the oldest machines that are still eligible: You might want to wait just a few weeks before installing Mavericks and check to see what kind of experience people are having with it.

First, you'll want to check that your Mac or Mac Book is actually compatible.The Safari Web browser also gets an interesting update with a new sidebar that lets see your list of bookmarks and reading list. But it also allows you to add your social media accounts from Twitter and Linked In and will generate a list of links that your friends have posted on those services. If you don’t have an external drive, check out this 3T Western Digital drive. You can partition the drive and use it for clone and Time Machine.This import process has been troublesome for many users.

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