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And it's NOT that he could be having an affair with the lady OR that they're platonic buddies. No, it HAS to be that her husband is okay with it because he's in on the secret. 1- Josh is a phobe and doesn't want Katie's mo friends around.2- BB was in fact trying to tap Heigl ass and Josh claimed his territory in some back alley with BB face to face. Is Ben getting tetchy about people tagging him on social media now? Anyway, there's no law requiring nudity on Go T (unless you're female), and they often use doubles for a lot of the male nudity anyway. I always wonder if they are taking a couple of girls along as "dates" to cover up their actual gay date and allowing them to be in public without tongue wagging.Speaking of Hiegl-Ben, one of the interviews they did together, Katie mentions her ranch near where they filmed and trying to get BB to come for dinner. He just shook his head and said no without explanation looking down, kinda sheepishly. Same with BB and Alex on the date with the two Spanish ladies.She didn't fit the image he or more likely his agents, thought the public would want Prince Caspian dating. I still think A-G is the most authentic evidence of BB's being straight or bi. Confirming two things we've discussed here, yes he still lives in LA and he's entrenched in the LA lifestyle.BB just left a comment on Jessica Biel's Instagram post. BB and Katie Heigl are such good friends they have lunchs, etc alone with each other.)R37 I never ruled out the possibility he's gay or bisexual, but hard to think the total gayness, my opinion. I don't know how I feel about him Ben being asexual isn't so farfetched when you consider we can't find a single person who will claim to have slept with him! I don't buy into the asexual theory just because it's so statistically unlikely. There was a conspiracy theory that it was Jack and Tamsin who were the real couple but agents wanted B and T for publicity. I won't feel sorry for him, he knows what he's getting into. Nothing that could imply any shady doings on Ben's part!

Or is Ben out in his private life so Josh isn't jealous? Do you know there is a thing called disinterested friendship? Fuck,there's nothing worse than a closed mind Ben's last follow is yet another LA fashion guy, he's a friend (or boyfriend?

And Ben's never been the deepest puddle on the block; it's obvious that he fits in with and enjoys the shallow LA lifestyle, no use crying over it. Josh probably accompanying his wife for the recording? I think it's odd that social butterfly BB wouldn't visit Chez Hiegl which looks spectacular. She serves typical Utah cuisine like crock pot roast, funeral potatoes and green jello?

(Or the time for crying over it was ages ago when he moved there. I really think the A Fag & His Hag rapport between BB and KH is plain to see, though. He seems the type that would love an invite to friends house. So, all these assumptions(straight, gay, bi) and it turns out that BB is asexual .. He looks totally chill, comfortable with himself ,typical of a guy that normally does it, no sign af a partner... Why is Tamsin back there with Jack instead of by Ben? [quote]"What more of a template do you need for this kind of Uomo Italian man lifestyle? He was so much fun that we’ve become pals since;"I choose to interpret this as Ben was crushing on his Uomo photographer. Hmmm..mother was the editor of Italian Vogue, so hopefully Anna won't be able to run roughshod over him. You looks like an adult dressing up as a teenager gangsta rapper/hiphop wannabes! Ben should wear shorts paired with loafers, boat shoes or canvas shoes rather than high-cut sneakers! But only if it ended mutually and amicably, or she cruelly dumped him.

The great and handsome personality is greatly known for his acting skills and is an English actor.

He is recognized for his depiction of Caspian X in the hit movie named as the chronicles of Narnia along with the great appearance he has made in the other hit films such as prince Caspian and the voyage of the dawn trader.

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