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It had been announced that Dove Cameron would star alongside Hailee Stienfeld in the new movie Barely Lethal, premiering sometime in 2014.

Cameron played the queen bee of the school, Liz Larson.

Shak’s ex-husband, hedge funder Daniel Shak, sued in 2012 to force his wife’s pricey footwear collection to be sold off as marital property, but he eventually dropped the suit.

Poker queen Beth Shak eloped in Las Vegas with Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal.

After discovering poker in 2002, Shak has conquered more than just tournaments.

As the card shark, style mogul, and philanthropist told Cupid, “Poker has helped me learn so much about men.” She goes on to explain that she’s “treated like a women” when she first sits down at the table “but after playing for hours, men tend to forget and start to let their guards down and be themselves.” When we asked Shak about men being intimated by her she didn’t think it was intimidation, she said “men just don’t want to lose to a woman.” A key ingredient to playing poker is having the ability to read people. As a woman playing in a male-dominant sport, the advantage is that as a woman she thinks differently than they do. When it comes to her love life, it isn’t all that different. For example, they can use the mens’ room, grab a bite to eat and get back to the poker table all within a 15 minute time period. After seeing Shak in her element, Cupid is counting down the minutes for her episode to air.

, better known as Dove Olivia Cameron (born January 15, 1996), is an American actress and singer who stars in the Disney Channel Original Comedy series, Liv and Maddie.

Patti has two of the most difficult and demanding clients this week.

The card shark flew in music diva Taylor Dayne to sing.

Shak and Yadgaroff first met at the 2011 premiere of the documentary “God Save My Shoes,” which starred Shak, Manolo Blahnik, Fergie and Christian Louboutin.

She was in two episodes of the show, "Father's Day" and "A Beautiful Mess." She then later made another big television appearance as Charlotte Anne Jane in an episode of The Mentalist titled "Devil's Cherry".

Later in 2012 she went to Utah and started filming a new Disney Channel Original Movie titled Cloud 9; the film was released in 2014.

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