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It was an all-afternoon event that will, sadly, be edited only to a half-hour to be shown following the season finale. After it airs, I'll be able to tell you what was edited out.There was some dirty laundry aired, accusations hurled and quickly denied, many explanations given and fewer believed.I confronted Aneesa, and when I did, she nearly sh** her pants. NUMBER 2- I was vocal in the house and with the team about never doing “beach brawl” if it came down to me doing this in the gauntlet.This is why Aneesa went crazy when the wheel landed on beach brawl.You can request permission to copy portions of a commentary for posting on Internet sites by contacting [email protected]

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NUMBER 1- When you see me crying outside, that is the night Syrus left, which was several shows earlier.

I was excited to screw my “team” and give them what they deserved. Just keep reading the cue cards; don’t think, and certainly don’t ever take a women’s studies course. As far as Brad's comments on the After Show go.-- Brad, I’m sorry that you are so shallow you can't see beyond people you get drunk with and get high with, smoke with, etc.

I was happy to leave and get back to my real life to the people I care about the most. Maybe if you got to know me as a person, you could honestly judge me. I’ve already been hearing a lot about Julie in this episode. They are playing the game better and they deserve to win, period. For some who look for hidden meaning in my blogs, let me be clear: In this mission, I suck.

It's not much fun going through security trying to carry your bags with one broken hand in a cast and another that is sprained.

Fortunately, this really nice actor from Lost waited for me to get through security and then carried my bags to my plane. Naveen Andrews."Last Thursday evening at Downtown Ciprianni (376 West Broadway), George Clooney was seen dining with his buddies, but seemed more interested in someone sitting just across the aisle from him.

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