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The 12-month, 365.25-day solar calendar used by most of the western world was introduced in 46 BC by Julius Caesar and is therefore called the Julian calendar.The Romans numbered their years relative to the two consuls who took office each year.As to the length of Jesus’ ministry, Matthew, Mark and Luke mention only one Passover, making it possible that Jesus’ ministry lasted only one year.But since the Gospel of John mentions three Passovers (see Jn ; 6:4; 13:1), Jesus’ ministry must have lasted at least two years.The letters of John and the Revelation were written near the end of the first century AD, but do not continue the narrative of the apostolic era.Integrated into the historical narrative of the Gospels are conceptual parallels from Acts and 1 Corinthians, as well as genealogies from Ruth and 1 Chronicles.In AD 525 a monk named Dionysius Exiguus invented the concept of dividing the Julian calendar into the years numbered before Jesus was born and the years of the Lord.The Latin for the “year of the Lord” is , abbreviated “AD.” By 1525, when Pope Gregory XIII reformed the Julian calendar into the Gregorian calendar most widely used today, the abbreviation “BC” had become standard for designating the years “Before Christ.”Dionysius incorrectly calculated the birth year of Jesus as AD 1.

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The Eusebian canons allow a parallel or “synoptic” approach to the Gospels (“synoptic” in Greek means “viewed together”).

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This study is an excerpt from the New Testament introduction to the new NIV Integrated Study Bible (NIVISB), which presents the Bible in chronological order so that when people read the gospels, they can read all of the accounts presented next to each other.

The NIV Integrated Study Bible compares and contrast texts, including background material and historical time lines, and explains the interconnectedness of different portions of the Bible.

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