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This is a teaser of what you'll find in the Breast Expansion Archive's Pay Story area! That money pays authors and artists for new Illustrated stories and comics.

Tess would like to close the heavy curtains and hide the sight of the empty patio and pool filled with snow, but she did not want to get up from under the numerous blankets draped over her huge bosoms. Tess, The Mistress said, stroking the large wall of one of Tess' breasts fondly. Part of the Gran Teton's series "Chris's Shower" is a side story that takes place at the end of the fourth chapter of the "Gran Teton's" series. The story focuses on somewhat realistic growth, at least by the standards of the genre, as I have just never been able to embrace magic etc.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for the wishes to be made in this story.

I've attempted to accommodate the most popular requests, and voting for Chapter 3, the last chapter, is now open.

I'm sure it's still got some issues, but as they say, nobody is perfect.

Wish there was a way to respond to you all here, but I have started posting it in sections over on DA.

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