Blackberry calendar not updating exchange

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We are using Exchange 2003 with BES Express Anyone else have a similar issue like that?, you might see duplicate entries on your device after syncing your device and computer.

Synchronization to the Black Berry Calendar is enabled by default and can be modified if desired.

If you deselect the checkbox or select a different translator, wireless calendar synchronization will be disabled.

If you change an existing appointment or add a new appointment in your desktop calendar, and you have wireless calendar synchronization enabled, you will not receive notification of the update on your handheld.

For example, if you read a message with your Black Berry, and later open Outlook, you will see that the message won't be marked as read until you reconcile your email.

In this document, "reconcile" and "synchronize" are used interchangeably, though Research In Motion (RIM), Black Berry's developer, generally uses the word "reconcile" for email and "synchronize" for all other types of data.

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