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A story that, in fact, is pretty hilarious and ripe with religious commentary.

But it makes the mistake that many first timers do, it takes to dang long to get off and going.

It makes use (more or less) of its great cast and delivers some hilarious commentary on religion.

Its unfortunate that the film sacrifices its best quality in order to artificially build this film.

The conclusion comes out of no where and threw me straight out of the film.

Like its rocky beginning, ' Verdean' can't seem to figure out how to end in a natural way.

Aside from the films relatively impressive look the film is definitely a Hess movie.

Its got the same unique comedy and ill timed character moments that make his other films classics.

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DON VERDEAN stars Sam Rockwell, Amy Ryan, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Bibb, with Will Forte, and Danny Mc Bride.It makes the mistake of pushing its characters one way instead letting their personalities take them in a realistic way. Living in a state where a church is literally on every corner, I may connect with this film more than others.That being said, I think ' Don Verdean' raises very valid points about what we as human beings believe in and how we jump between what's the most popular at that time.But ' Verdean' has something his other films didn't. With Rockwell as the title character, Clement as his companion, and Forte as the films villain this should've been a knock out. It still has the offbeat comedy that many have come to love from Hess but it sacrifices a lot of it in the name of a story line.There are multiple moments in the film where we get a deadly serious scene that are devoid of humor.

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