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In fact one of the specialists virtually told me as much. You get fed up and wonder why you've been fingered when you've never smoked or done drugs and drank only in moderation.

"I couldn't wash myself or raise my arms above my head. You begin to wonder what happens when you get incontinent and start to think about other possibilities. Then you slap yourself for being a morbid old fool and realise what a lucky sod you are to have had such a cracking life and start believing that there's a lot more to come." In Fox's case the fact that he spurned self-pity for a vigorous, reborn self-belief was spurred by the positive effect of a relatively new medication, together with the incentive to fight for the preservation of a pursuit that brought him so much fulfilment.

There is no skirting delicately around the subject.

He always tells people, up front, what's wrong with him.

In a sporting world so disfigured by excess, Fox knows the modern pentathlon is something of an anachronism.

Even in his heyday it was perceived as being practised in Penge by Frank and Peggy Spencer and, ironically, there is a real possibility that it could be replaced eventually on the Olympic stage by the likes of ballroom dancing.

Last year, the IOC president, Juan Antonio Samaranch, suggested to a German newspaper the sport's days were numbered. It is believed that the Princess Royal, a fellow competitor in Montreal, also inserted a flea in the presidential ear. To help make the sport more televisual, what was once a five-day test of strength, skill and endurance has been compressed into one.

And there is talk that cycling may replace equestrianism to make it more available to emerging nations.

He believes it may have been caused by a fall from a horse, but he isn't sure. An array of specialists, including some in the United States, have offered different prognoses, different advice and although he now faces his future with fortitude, it wasn't always like that. I was going down so bloody fast and I thought I might have two or three years left at the most.

He takes 18 tablets of Roprinole daily, plus other drugs to relax his muscles and prevent nausea.

Such has been his recent progress that next month he goes into a London clinic where a neurosurgeon will decide whether a two-stage brain operation can bring further improvement. "But my brain is damaged anyway, so I reckon it is one worth taking.

Britain hosts the world modern pentathlon championships in Millfield in 2001 and you can bet that the old soldier will be there on parade.

Charrería is Mexico's national sport, baseball the most popular sport in the northwest and southeast regions, basketball, a American football and bullfighting are also highly popular and appreciated.

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