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Many family members are omitted for simplicity, while others of interest to art history are retained despite minor genealogical or political significance.

In contrast to the order in the Dictionary, non-royal peers are indexed under family name rather than by title.While necessarily selective, the principal royal (or ruling) families of Europe are included as well as certain prominent non-royal families.The families selected normally include subjects who have been portrayed in pastel, but some other families are included where the genealogy has been helpful in tracing provenances or explaining connections.The unfortunate linguistic clashes are less important than the needs of users from different countries.Successive generations are indicated by arrows ⇒ at the start of each line, with siblings separated by nephews etc.; lines of space denote unrelated families or branches where relationships are either unknown or too complicated to set out in detail (roman numerals, indicating degrees of nobility, help in tracking generations in different branches).

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