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Lots of concern recently, especially over the weekend, about the state of affairs on the nest, with many wondering if we were at the beginning stages of a repeat of last year's debacle with the female.

So far, even the most ardent watchers from then would have to admit that though there has been some attacks by the female on the young, it hasn't been as bad as 2014 and we hope that it remains that way through the next couple of weeks as the young begin to fledge.

The pair are growing fast; it's amazing to see the change in just a short time.

in a sheet-covered carrier and after initial frantic movements, settled down during a ride made longer by inevitable Cape Cod traffic.

Intial exam was very positive and follow up even more so.

Its wings are intact (radiology confirmed) and doesn't look like it suffered any trauma. As you can imagine, we got bombarded with emails, calls, Tweets, etc., and appreciate everyone's concern.

Many cam watchers might not know that there is a forum dedicated to the Woods Hole Osprey Cam at This is not an endorsement for this site over any other and we do not participate but many of our more dedicated and knowledgable watchers are members and it's a great place to go for basic questions and answers that we may be able to answer, either right away or at all.

Just a quick update on the goings on in our nest...

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