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Please keep in mind that everything that follows involves MAJOR spoilers for the films involved, so keep scrolling at your own caution.

I’ve been seeing a number of films recently that use social media and its dangers as part of the plot.

But the device has been a hallmark of movies present throughout pretty much all of cinematic history, and a truly good twist is the kind you never forget.

Plot twists tend to work best for the horror or thriller genres, not just because the plots, already full of deceit and disbelief, are naturally more inclined to include narrative shifts and dramatic turns.

When not filing reports, Adam can be found stalking Alamo Drafthouse Programmers for leads on upcoming Drafthouse Films titles.

Adam once blocked Harry Knowles entrance to a theater until he was given extra tickets to a Roman Polanski movie.

It's certainly not a trans-specific fad, these babies are literally everywhere (Madonna's daughter Check Tumblr, Instagram or your local queer party, there is bound to be a trans girl with one of these chokers wrapped around her neck.

immediately comes to mind—have mastered the art of the sudden death or bombshell revelation that changes the entire structure of the plot.

The man with the hook attacking a car on lover’s lane urban legend is now anachronistic, ‘Beware child, of the people you meet online’ is the new source of societal fears and warnings.

Cam2cam, as the title implies, focuses on the act of giving a stranger a web peep show while getting one in return and the horrible consequences that can follow.

It isn’t long before more residents of the apartment complex go missing, even after the early demise of the supposed killer.

Allie has to unravel the mystery before she ends up the next Cam2cam Headless victim.

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