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“But in many ways a dating website makes sense because you are removing the initial physical attraction and so it’s easier to establish a relationship of the mind first.By meeting on a Catholic site, your relationship is grounded in the faith from the outset and God is at the centre.” When you sign up to Catholic Match, you begin by answering basic questions about your weight, height, eye and hair colour in order to create a profile.But painful as it is, at least such questions sharpen the process of elimination.Thanks to this section, you are less likely to endure a steak dinner while your date insists the Pope is personally responsible for the Aids epidemic in Africa or that she thinks she has a vocation to the Catholic priesthood.

I was shocked and a little disillusioned that she had resorted to a dating website and had not met a Catholic spouse sooner.

Catholic Dating enhanced with Geolocation on our new social media platform!!

Plus much more, we’ve been working on this for over a year and we are launching in January!

He had been using Catholic Match on and off for five years and was about to give up.

James had initially signed up because he was a busy bachelor who worked long hours in the week and often felt too exhausted to socialise at the weekend.

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    The recent upsurge of “on-demand dating” promises to end all that.

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