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The Dutch female is often not particularly interested or fazed by the fact that their target could be married, in a relationship or even as the shallow man has witnessed with his own eyes, have their girlfriend present.

The Dutch ladies are relentless once they have set their sights on a target.

” Which brings me to the subject of today’s post, seven deadly mistakes made when dating a Dutch man.

The shallow man has met many an expat lady that have been on dates with Dutch men that have not led to happy endings.

At night, I come home and I feel like a teenager again, with a blissful smile on my face. I’ve met different people, but that didn’t really lead anywhere at the beginning.

These encounters are full of tenderness, happiness and simplicity. Anyway, thanks to Gleeden, I feel happier and I bite the apple wholeheartedly! First, I’ve lived a beautiful story with someone that ended up a few months later.

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Sex was important, but that was not the most important thing between us… Feeling loved by another man has helped me being more self-confident.Now, I understand much more the masculine vision on relationships and couple crisis in general: they are inevitable and necessary." "I’ve been on Gleeden for quite a while now and I’ve never been disappointed. Okay, I’m a cheater, I’m kinda naughty, I cheat on my wife, but I’m having a blast and I’m happy!! Every new encounter (more or less cheeky) makes me feel overwhelmed with joy. To me, it is now obvious that cheating is part of my life balance. Therefore, at considerable risk to my bespoke tailored three piece suit wearing self, I have put together a list of deadly mistakes to avoid when dating Dutch men.My advice will no doubt upset some, and if I am captured by a posse of angry Dutch men with lion king hairstyles and am forced to sit through hours of music from Tiesto, Fedde La Grand and Armin van Buuren, i’ll look into the eyes of my enemies and shout, sodemieter op, jullie domme kakkers! Dutch men, are probably the luckiest of their species on planet earth.

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