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A visitor to your site might expand the chatbox, but not initiate a conversation.

To make your own click-to-chat button, add the You can dynamically change the chatbox language after the page has loaded.You can choose an online Attention Grabber for use across the entire site in the Attention Grabber settings This call would be useful if you wanted a different image on a particular page, such as the contact page, or if you only wanted the Attention Grabber to appear on one page.You would add it under the existing Olark code on the page like this: Sets the Attention Grabber image while all your operators are set to away or offline.Although we can't debug or write Java Script for you, there are some helpful ways to test your own code during development: You can enable the Attention Grabber on a page by page basis using this API call.If you'd like to reach out to people on your checkout page to ensure you make the sale, or offer a discount, you might wish to show the Attention Grabber on that page only.

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