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Meanwhile, the sexual carousel continued as Phillips made conquests of a string of willing women, and Michelle began an affair with the other male singer in the group, Denny Doherty.

When Phillips discovered what was going on, he sacked his wife, telling her: 'You can do a lot of things to me Michelle, but you don't f*** my tenor.'Meanwhile, the vastly overweight Mama Cass Elliot was secretly in love with Doherty and later proposed to him.

When a furious Sinatra, who famously had links to Sam Giancana, the Chicago Mafia boss, discovered that Phillips had been sleeping with Farrow in their marital bed while he was away on tour, he sent a bunch of heavies to warn him off.

Undaunted, Phillips, who was already insisting on being addressed by his stage name, Papa John, went out and bought a small armoury of weapons to protect himself from Sinatra's Mob cronies.

By then, Phillips was already an addict, and his gilded life was fast unravelling.He was also rumoured to have become close to Princess Margaret, whom he visited at the private Caribbean island of Mustique, where she would play piano and join him in singing bawdy versions of Chattanooga Choo Choo.She would also secretly smuggle Phillips into her private quarters at Kensington Palace.During the late 1970s, the mink-wearing grand dames of an exquisite Beaux Arts apartment building overlooking New York's Central Park often found themselves sharing its magnificent marble lobby with a variety of beautiful models and groupies.The destination of the latter contingent was a suite of rooms on one of the lower floors which had become the Manhattan home of Mick Jagger and his supermodel lover, Jerry Hall.

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