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Raspberries are syn free in their normal form – mushing them a bit isn’t going to up the amount of calories and sugar and whatnot in them. Look at it this way, you could ‘forget’ to syn the raspberries and then add another half Lindt-ball in there to make it a round 4 syns…just saying. I’d apologise, but we get plenty of lovely messages from folk who seem to adore our holiday stories, so…if you’re not one of them, click on the shortcut button of the (deep breath) ELDERLY BEWHISKERED CRONE DRESSED IN PEASANT’S CLOTHING WITH A SAGGY OLD ASS to go straight to the recipe. What followed were a good few hours of relaxing, soaking up the sun and reading, mixed with a few little splashes in the pool.

Your choice though – the official Slimming World decretum is that Come on, how easy was that? It was lovely, but I’ll be damned if I can make an interesting couple of paragraphs about it.

Our CCTV guy was a treasure, one of those rare people we like who come into the house, barely say a word, don’t try to talk to us about football or tits, leaves plenty of their arse hanging out of their trousers for illicit gawping AND he knew what he was doing with his tools.

I only mention that because we’ve had an electrician come back twice recently to fix a light fitting only to spend both times looking mystified at it as though it was an alien invention. We can log in from anywhere and view what is taking place on the street, the cameras record audio, we can pan and tilt them, all great stuff.

Alluring beauties in love with providing the premium solo while they masturbate or touch their soft forms.Then there’s the small fact that, unless you are spectacularly unlucky, you’re never going to meet this same group of people ever again, unless you’re watching a Judge Rinder marathon.So for goodness sake, you spend so much money to get out there, let the wobbly bits, untanned streaks, saggy boobs and spaniel-ear-ballsacks hang loose. The best looking people around that pool were the ones who walked with a bit of confidence, misguided or not. It’s a breadcrumb you can buy from most supermarkets. Technically this is 2.25 per serving, but if you’re going to shit the bed over quarter of a syn, why don’t you just go back to your ready-meals and crying into your Chat magazine?A whole collection with such sensual videos to provide love making hotties while nude and fully aroused.A smashing chance to view quality romance and super hot sex scenes in mind blowing positions.

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    That first anniversary with your beau is a relationship milestone.

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    Sometimes the most challenging part of completing a profile on dating sites is having to write a personal ad.

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