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I should add I also work part time from home 10/15 hours a week around the children so often work late at night and survive on very little sleep. Hopefully will be ok to start jogging with dog in January (when I plan on losing baby and xmas weight lol) I did go physio they didnt say much I hadnt read online, tried belt but didnt make much difference so she said dont buy one.

We have become quite distant in all this time, I feel sad about it but I have to just carry on for the sake of my boys. Not waiting around for measly crumbs of cyber affection. She has left it open for me to go back should it get worse or if I need crutches. I could drive ds to nursery but that would be really lazy plus parking by school will be crazy Will you have any more children now?

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When he is "on shift" I do describe myself as single mum with a lodger. Both boys have recently been diagnosed with Autism so it's no easy gig and we have relocated from London to the East Kent Coast this year so I'm pretty isolated to! Iv been watching lots of box sets to occupy me and spending time on netmums Weather has been horrible here so my kids have not minded being in as much this summer x Ahh I can imagine that must of been really painful having to stand up alot and having a one year old to look after too ,must of been a nightmare.Even the ones that aren’t overweight clearly got smacked in the face with the ugly stick.Though we didn’t encounter any, we’ve also been informed of the many Private Investigators that stakeout men on this site. I'm even going back on Tuesday for 3 weeks even though everyone else says I need to rest! Hi Julie, That's the thing I've been working for 3 years now and I adore my job I'm very lucky!

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