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It pays no attention to the new moons as marking the beginning of the months, although the word month is based on the word moon (from Old Saxon manoth, meaning of the moon), i.e., the phases of the moon. 2320 in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance), is translated either “month” or “new moon.” Chodesh is from No.2318, chadash, a prime root meaning to be new; cause to build, and is translated renew or repair.These days are prophetic, presaging events that will soon be reality.The fact is, the truly momentous events of Yahweh involving His people happened at these special times.Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua publishes an annual calendar listing those special dates alerting us to the evenings when we should seek the visible new moons after sunset.(see calendar) Proper sighting of a new moon takes a little practice and occasionally is not always possible because of sky conditions.

Central to this understanding is knowing the proper times these days occur.

The year 2000 is especially intriguing to many with an interest in the end times.

But the greatest prophetic treasure virtually ignored in churchianity—and the key to true and accurate prophecy - lies in the days Yahweh commanded to be observed from the beginning.

(Just how one observes the new moons is given later.) Many are firmly convinced that we should be guided by the present calculated Jewish calendar in the worship of our Heavenly Father Yahweh.

The Jewish calendar does list the weekly Sabbaths as well as the Festival Days.

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