Consolidating defaulted federal student loans teacher dating site

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Item 16: Enter the estimated amount needed to pay off the loan, including any unpaid interest, late fees, and collection costs.Item 17: If you are in your grace period on any of the loans you wish to consolidate and you want to delay processing of your Direct Consolidation Loan until you have completed your grace period, enter the month and year of your expected grace period end date.This section asks for information about your federal education loans that you want to consolidate.If you need more space to list loans, use the Additional Loan Listing Sheet included with your Note.Incorrect or incomplete information may delay processing.Item 1: Enter your last name, then your first name and middle initial.(Do not list your work telephone number here.) If you do not have a telephone, enter N/A.Item 7 (optional): Enter your preferred e-mail address for receiving communications. If you do, we may use your e-mail address to communicate with you.

Item 8: Enter the two-letter abbreviation for the state that issued your driver's license, followed by your driver's license number. Item 9: Enter your employer's name and address (street, city, state, zip code).

Any loans listed in the Loans You Want to Consolidate section that are in a grace period will enter repayment immediately upon consolidation.

You will then lose the remaining portion of the grace period on those loans.

If you provide this information, processing of your Direct Consolidation Loan will be delayed until approximately 30-60 days before the end of your grace period, and your consolidation loan will not enter repayment until after your grace period ends.

If you leave Item 17 blank, processing of your consolidation loan will begin as soon as we receive your completed Note and any other required documents.

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