Consolidating democracy prerequsites

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Shoeman Embracing e-government: In search of accountable and efficient governance objectives that improve service delivery in the South African health sector – P. Mkhonto Fundamental for good governance in the public sector – A. Sindane Sustaining good governance: Is ethics and anti-corruption initiative and agencies the answer? Siswana Governance and public finance: A South Africa perspective – M. 1994 to 2009: trnds, gaps and implications for public policy – Kondlo, K. van Wyk Community development and service delivery in South Africa: Work, workers and challenges – B. Mubangizi Conceptualization and contextualization of corporate governance in the South Africa public sector: Issue, trends and prospects –S. Ile The relationship between human resource development practices and service delivery in South African local government environment – N. Raga Nature and extent of local governance in South Africa – L. Pillay E-government as an alternate service delivery strategy – E. Cloete Data analysis in qualitative public administration and management research – J. J Auriacombe Data analysis in quantitative research – C. Local government and sustainable post-settlement support for restitution: in search of efficient governance objectives in public Administration – Fourie, D. The role of the Royal Bafokeng administration in the promotion of municipal service delivery – Thornhill, C.; Selepe, M. Imperatives of on-the-job training for service delivery at the Emfuleni local municipality - Mampane, P. A, Implementation of Employment Equity: a case of the Universities of Venda and of Pretoria – Sebola, M. Planning economic diversification: a local economic development strategy towards economic-base restructuring – Malefane, S. The effects of HIV / AIDS on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa – Fourie, D. O Intergovernmental relations and integrated development planning (IDP) in Souh Africa – Mello, D. The role and importance of whistle-blowing in building organizational integrity in the public sector: a theoretical exposition - Diale, A. The state of transformation in South African public service : a case study of the national Department of Agriculture – Moeti, K. Towards a review of South Africa’s research on corruption in the public sector. Penciliah Resetting the Policy Agenda for Urban Agriculture in South Africa – C. Rogerson Making Participation Governance Work – Re-Inventing Izimbizo Forums In South Africa – K.

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(IBSS) ISSN: 0036-0767 Download Accreditation Letter Prof. Muller A framework for assessing environmental governance structures – P. J Ndevu Aids councils – are they promoting public participation and partnership at the local sphere of government in South Africa? M Maredi Interested and effected parties (I&Aps) and consultants’ viewpoint on the public participation process of the Gautrain Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – M. Donaldson Structural provisions for establishing and managing monitoring and evaluation units in government departments - E. C Ijeoma Value of impact evaluation of public service transformation: lessons learnt from a South African police service specialized unit – J. F Snyman Implementation of a performance management system: a case study of Ba-Phalaborwa municipality in Limpopo – S. Mtapuri Are the financial procurement policies for outsourcing government functions adequate? Mhlauli Ethics, integrity and good governance: the case of South Africa’s local sphere of government – T. Maclean Immigration and refugee policies: Unpacking policy dilemmas in South Africa. Chiloane- Tsoka From informal settlements to brick structures: Housing trends in Post- Apartheid South Africa – C. Veeran Editorial note – Mutuwafthebu J South Africa’s trajectory towards a Democratic Development state a Human Development perspective – N. Maphunye Making community-based participation work: Alternative route to civil engagement in the City of Cape Town – Z. van Wyk Maladministration, corruption and financial misconduct in the Eastern Cape department of Health – N. Dintwe Interactive and transactive nature of the South Africa intergovernmental relation practices – a local government perspective – F. Lucky Mathebula Challenges and opportunities of democratic decentralization in sustaining local government in Botswana and South Africa – K. Lucky Mathebula, Ministry of Public Service and Administration, DPSA Prof. Mokadi, Chief Executive Director, National Institute for Higher Education: Mpumalanga, South Africa Prof. J Fundamentals of index and scaling techniques – Lutabingwa, J.; Tlhoalele, C.; Jarbandhan, D. Anstey Managing change – Negotiating conflict – Huchzermeyer & A. J The purpose and revelance of a scientific literature review : a holistic approach to research – Majam, T.; Theron, F The dendrogram technique as a tool to development questionnaires – Schutte, De Wet Understanding and planning measurement – Auriacombe, C. Peet The role of developmentally focused institutions and agencies in creating a sustainable infrastructure for regional and sub-regional trade facilitation – Rensburg Career paths of employees in South African public sector: The military University Educator model as a benchmark RESEARCH FINDINGS – W. Cloete Impact of basic health services on the quality of life in poor communities: an empirical assessment BOOK REVIEW – M.

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