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The method is suitable for the quantification of surface denudation rates (on uncovered or soil mantled surfaces) and for the determination of average erosion rates of entire drainage basins.Burial age determination In contrast with exposure age and denudation rate determinations, burial age dating is based on the radioactive decay of cosmogenic nuclides.Glacial landforms, fluvial terraces and lava flows are among the most frequent targets of exposure age determination.Determination of denudation rates In case of steady erosion TCN concentration within the rock is approaching a secular equilibrium.

Applications in Hungary The Danube, the major river of the Pannonian Basin system, is the only river cutting through the NE-SW Transdanubian Range (TR).

Those rocks and sediments are suitable for burial dating which once were exposed to cosmic irradiation, but have been buried since then.

The time of burial (shielding from cosmic rays) can be determined using cosmogenic nuclide-pairs with different half-lives.

In the Retezat Mts (Southern Carpatians, Romania) a revised glaical chronology together with novel Be surface exposure ages of the moraines suggest that the last small glaciers disappeared after ~13.5 ka.

No evidence of Younger Dryas and Holocene glaciers could be found in the area (Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger et al., 2016b).

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