Couples therapy while dating

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Or do you give him a side-eye, take a shower, and get into bed to read a book or surf Pinterest? Marin says this can likely lead to your attention being directed to something — or someone — else.

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When you share a house, co-existing in every room can grind your gears.

Either way, "a therapist can take the couple through the conflict in slow motion and not allow them to sweep issues under the rug," says Walfish.

"Hashing through the details, however long that takes, is the only way to put the problem behind you."When those steamy sex scenes between Fitz and Olivia pop up, admit it: You're turned on. When the two of you have a difficult time connecting in a way that was once an easy and essential part of your relationship, there are other underlying issues happening.

So yeah, it's totally fine to need some alone time.

But if you've actively started avoiding being in the same room with him during downtime — like after dinner when the kids have been tucked into bed, you beeline for the bedroom as he settles in front of the TV — ask yourself why.

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