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It is likely that in the long term he won’t be able to.In most cases he will already have tried to stop, and is likely to be feeling a lot of guilt and worry, especially if this has been a secret for a long time.It is important therefore to not leap to any conclusions but to explore this as openly as you can, I can help you understand what is happening.For many, finding out a partner is crossdressing throws up many questions about how a future relationship would work. It is very common to worry that your partner no longer feels the same way about you.This page is based on my experience of this issue as a counsellor, having worked with crossdressers and their families for many years . I help many men who crossdress as well as partners and family members who are struggling to come to terms with it and to better understand crossdressing.Without exception I’ve found that the more information you have about crossdressing, the more those initial worries ease and become easier to live with.

It can also be helpful to learn about what has worked for other families and couples, I can share experiences and what has worked well for other couples.It is entirely possible for couples to work through and understand these feelings together.I often work with couples to help them exchange and share feelings, and this can happen together or in separate sessions, with me helping to convey questions and answers between both.Because of the prejudice that still exists in society around crossdressing, most people don’t have any first hand experience.When it happens to someone we know, we often don’t know how to react.

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