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Utwór został wydany 31 marca 2008 roku chociaż piosenka wyciekła do internetu już w 2006 roku.

Crystal Castles is the debut studio album by Canadian electronic music duo Crystal Castles; at the time of its release, the group consisted of producer Ethan Kath and singer Alice Glass.

They released many limited vinyl singles between 20 before releasing a trilogy of critically acclaimed albums between 20.

Producer Kath and vocalist Glass first collaborated in 2006 on the track "Alice Practice", a proof-of-concept which was initially shelved for six months.

The title track, "Alice Practice" was claimed to be a soundcheck secretly recorded by the sound engineer before the band launched into a five-song recording session in 2005.

The use of these sounds led multiple journalists and bloggers to categorized the works of Crystal Castles under an 8-bit chiptune genre that the duo did not intend to be classified as; this categorization was further affected by the coincidence of an early 1980s arcade game by Atari named Crystal Castles (1983).I’ve actually read some very positive reviews for the 2004 demos.”"We both hate video games.We were just breaking apart electronics and toys to get annoying sounds."Frail" is a song by Canadian electronic music band, Crystal Castles.It is the first single of the band's 2016 album, Amnesty (I).

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