Dating and marriage customs in romania

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Others involve unusual and inappropriate sounds that certain animals might emanate, such as when a hen crows like a cock or a dog’s howling.For Romanians, Death is especially lurking in the shadows when a house has both a sick person and a dog residing in it, and things become especially serious if the dog keeps its head down while howling and digging near the house.Strands of hair are collected so they can be secretly placed on the door, since Luck’s origin is never certain.Much detail goes into the preparation of bodies for vigils and funerals.When the head of the family dies, the harnesses of oxen are placed upside-down to symbolize the “topsy-turvy” turn life takes without someone we are used to.Finally, before the vigil and funeral, Romanians prepare several food items, or alms, while keening women perform a lament called a “bochirea.” The bochirea is highly improvised and customized for the person being mourned.If you’ve never been to a wedding in Romania, expect to be amazed and surprised – and definitely prepare for a long day and night, usually sprinkled with tons of alcohol.

One of the most important moments in one’s life is the wedding and in Romania, just like in most countries out there, this is a huge event that requires a lot of planning and usually brings a lot of confusion for guests, especially those who are not regulars at these events.During keening time, relatives prepare the symbolic food, or, “alms” like the sweet bread “kolachei.” “Coliva,” a decorated dish of boiled wheat grains found in some parts of the country, represents the sins of the dead and is a traditional Eastern Orthodox Christian dish.The freshly-made kolachei is used in the making of the very important “pomul”, which is a decorated branch of a fruit-bearing tree, which is filled with either dried or fresh fruits in addition to the kolachei.In concept, both traditional and modern weddings follow the same route, but the approach is different and expectations as well.For example, if you somehow get to a Romanian wedding in a village, expect all the food (sometimes for hundreds of guests) to be prepared at home by the bride and groom’s family and friends, expect the alcohol to be home made, expect no real dress code, most likely a live local band that will only play traditional music and extremely friendly people (many of whom will be really drunk by the end of the party).

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