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"Most importantly, it's great-tasting barbecue that our customers know and love, and for the Break Time brand, it's a big win to partner with such a high-quality restaurant brand."Break Time will extend the new design package and Smokestack food concept to several new stores, and stores slated for renovation in 2017.The Lee's Summit convenience store is also a departure from Break Time's rural strategy — with more than 70 stores in rural Missouri.When the breaktime bell rings, young Dara leaves school; he has been sent home as a punishment for breaking a window with his football.On his way home, he comes across some other boys playing a game of football, and cannot resist joining in. Dara gets lost and tries to find his way home through unknown streets, which lead him to the outskirts of the city.

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Click on the slot to make it available (green) or unavailable (grey).

"To grow the brand and expand our business, we're introducing Break Time to new markets such as Lee's Summit," Chaney said.

"Our team will closely monitor this store's performance and apply the lessons learned to future expansions." The 1.5-acre convenience store lot also features a car wash — though not the first Break Time to have a car wash, it is the first in recent years to be built with one included, according to the company.

*My 12 year old Son and I were talking last night, and he said there were kids in his 6th grade class that were already dating. By that I mean 2 or 3 couples getting together and seeing a movie or something. And I would prefer that they not get serious about anyone during high school. My 14 year old granddaughter does this with friends, boys and girls...... The more experience with the different sexes, the better...... Girls in the 70s weren't considered "loose" unless they'd had their ankles behind their ears for a lot of different guys. Better socialization skills, better skills for dealing with the opposite sex, and a better idea of what to look for in a mate. After a few fairly empty relationships you might look for other traits in a mate than looks, status, or wealth.

Maybe I'm just way behind the times, but isn't that a little young to start dating? Oops, by experience, I mean seeing each other socially!! If you're lucky, you might even find someone who fulfills you, meets your needs, the same way you fulfill them and meets theirs.

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