Dating customs in vietnam

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There's no voicemail service on cell phones in Vietnam, by the way, and most people don't bother to have home answering machines.Text messaging aside, people here generally pick up their phones when called.

People over here have a thing for those cute little digital expressions.

Learning to speak emoticon For example, the "time out" smiley (formed by :-t characters) is used by some to actually mean "I am going to hammer you on the head".

The "talk to the hand" and "bring it on" smileys (formed by =; and :/ , respectively) are sometimes used to mean "bye bye." And the "not worthy" sign ^:)^ is used to mean "po' tay", which is a trendy not-in-the-dictionary Vietnamese way to say "You are too much, I give up." Well, I did give up, not on love but on trying to decipher what each emoticon here means.

Kids are sort of matched up at an early age, oftentimes jokingly, by relatives or friends.

When they grow up, if neither goes away to find a job elsewhere, chances are they will marry each other.) But it doesn't matter how a relationship here starts; it seems all of them go through something I'd call the "@ phase of love," in which the courtship continues via cell phone texts and Yahoo instant messaging.

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