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Each time, the word was delivered with magnificently forceful offhandedness, the calculated ease of the doll that comes to life and tries to pass herself off as a real girl but fails to fully conceal the hinges in her knees. Oh, trendspotting is courtesy of a newly minted Twitter account called Brands Saying Bae, which tweeted its first on December 27.Yesterday morning it had 7,000 followers, and by evening it had doubled to 14,000.

That uber-colloquial tone is accepted by executives who are told they just don’t understand the platform, and that a platform necessarily defines standards of appropriateness. And a tweet is just a tweet for most people, a dashed-off instant of thought in real time.The commercial appropriation of a word signals the end of its hipness in any case, but as Kwame Opam at The most egregious usage involves the lack of any joke, or even logic. Bae-con Stuffed Crust.” What the Brands Saying Bae twitter has highlighted is the absurdity of that gimmick, which is the same as is employed in a sitcom where an elderly woman says something sexual, and then, cue the laugh track. The shaky moral ground on which those empty, garbage calories are marketed to already-obese Americans is actually in line with the calculating nature of the corporate Twitter accounts that turn the things people love against them.The humor is ostensibly to come from the juxtaposition of the source and the nature of the diction. Chili’s would not likely address you as “bae” if you wrote to their corporate office, but they would if you tweeted to them. Because that will surely diffuse whatever situation made you want to get in touch with AT&T.The quest for authenticity in a social-media presence is a quest for an authentic voice, and throwing out cultural buzzwords apropos of nothing is not authentic.At innumerable points in a rise to canonization, every linguistic novelty is stolen.

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