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Through a combined strategy of viral focus, localization, and content additions, Badoo has outlined a method for developers to increase their user counts.

The geographic data regarding Badoo users in this post comes from App Data Pro, our data service supplying performance data, including historical MAU and DAU data, audience demographics, and company information for developers and applications.

This ensures that even if you stray from the game for a few hours, you can still find them again. If you’re an online dater, this is probably pretty familiar ground, but if not: say hi, and lead with something you have in common.

Luckily you already know this, because you have been (hopefully) destroying them in trivia, and have also seen on their profile that they’re into drinks and architecture.

In three weeks, i Phone trivia game Quiz Up has made itself the fastest-growing app in history, setting a new record by hitting a million users on its eighth day in the App Store.

Once you play, it’s easy to see why the game is so popular: it’s simple, fun, and maddeningly addictive.

You take quizzes (duh) against strangers or friends in categories like sports, art, literature, movies, music, nature, animals, and so on. The average Quiz Up user spends 40 minutes a day on the app, which seems staggering until you download it and spend an hour battling some stranger from Arkansas about .

Flirting via Quiz Up is not for the faint of heart, but the spirit of competition might make you a little bit bolder than you would ordinarily be.

I just stumbled upon an academic inquiry into the age-old subject of flirting by the University of Kansas.

I love taking surveys, so naturally I clicked away.

While Badoo has tabs for “Browse people nearby”, “Want to meet you” and “Messages”, these only become visible after a certain level of engagement or return visits.

While within Facebook’s terms of service, Badoo’s virality-over-content could annoy some users.

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