Dating for people with bipolar disorder

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This is absolutely why men and women are more confused and frustrated than ever before.It’s absolutely why cases of BPD and Bipolar seem to be at an all-time high. It’ll smack you across the face out of the blue, leave you wondering what the hell just happened.“Oftentimes people will only ‘understand’ when you’re doing well, but once symptoms appear that they don’t necessarily like, they suddenly stop ‘understanding,’ ” she says.In Jamison’s practice, the question of when to let a potential partner know about your diagnosis definitely comes up.Or in the worst case, your partner has both BPD and Bipolar (which is exactly what my first long-term girlfriend was dealing with, along with anxiety attacks).

As with any relationship, empathy and understanding in a partner plays a major role.

Those people who don't want to be with you because of bipolar disorder, it's not because you're insane or weird or out there.

It's because they can't handle a challenge.

Watch it right here: Obviously I don’t know your exact situation. Before we continue, you might be interested in my free “BPD Cheat Sheet” guide: Once you read through the points I make below, be sure to check your email and read that guide.

All relationships are unique in my opinion, and this includes BPD relationships. Most of my relationship experience comes from dating BPD and Bipolar women.

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